Our Mission

Connect767 serves as a marketplace for the public to find businesses and professionals of Dominican heritage.

Our vision is to create and maintain a free digital directory to connect Dominican experts to those who seek their skills and services within the local market, and across all geographical locations.

Connect767 hopes this platform will foster closer relationships and encourage economic development amongst all Dominicans at home, and in the global community.

With integrity at our foundation, we are delighted to serve and provide inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Management

Sadick Eustache

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sadick was raised in Petite Soufriere, a small village located on Dominica's east coast.

Eustache attended the Castle Bruce Secondary School and then Dominica State College where he earned an Associate's degree in Building and Civil Engineering.

After working in the construction and engineering industry in Dominica, Eustache later migrated to New York, and went on to earn two additional undergraduate degrees, as well as a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Technology Management.

Now a seasoned professional in New York City's workforce, Sadick decided to become more engaged in his birth place  and thought the creation of Connect767 would be a small but good place to start

Macazar Prosper

Chief Technical Officer

Macazar, like Sadick, is from Petite Soufriere, a small village located on Dominica's east coast. He has pursued studies in Electrical Engineering at University of Technology, Jamaica, and has worked in the e-commerce and financial services industry for a number of years.

Prosper has always been an advocate for improving the lives of others. On the quest to do just that, he founded TeckworkDA, a venture for mobile and other tech-related services and repair.

Presently, Macazar works as a Cisco Network professional for a Fortune 500 company in New York, where, behind the scenes, he improves the lives of many. He brings that same passion of service to others to Connect767.


Prior to Connect767’s establishment, Sadick Eustache, CEO, provided and continues to provide resources and financial support to developing communities within Dominica. An avid sports enthusiast, he has sponsored the East Central Football Club of Petite Soufriere with new and complete sets of football uniforms.

Sadick has also made contributions to his Alma Mater, the Castle Bruce Secondary School, by providing graduation gifts to top academic achievers.